Johnson Lake Resort

6000 Johnson Lake Forest Service Road , Louis Creek, British Columbia, CA

Calendar Update:  Feb 24, 2017
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Johnson Lake is a high mountain lake. At 3,800 feet elevation, it is over 5 kms. long, and approximately 200 feet deep.While the surface may appear warm, it is quite cold underneath; the air is a little thinner up here too! Water to the lake is supplied by the surrounding underground springs and winter snow pack.

Due to the limestone in the area, you will see some colour to the water. Johnson Lake has a very unique and important Riparian area around the waters’ edge. The trees come right to the edge of the water, so there are no beaches anywhere around the lake. The Riparian area around the lake is essential for the insect cycle that the fish feed on, for that reason we must all be very careful not to disturb this area along the waters’ edge.

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