Frequently Asked Questions


Wondering how to get started?

Sing up to create your customizable profile. (Include the link to the website). We will contact you within 24 hours to set it up.

What’s needed of you to create the profile?

We only require the description of your services, you pricing packages that you want to be displayed to the anglers; your availability and where we should be sending your payments. We ask you that you also include a few pictures for anglers to see.

What happens after?

Once we upload all the information we will send you a link to view it. At this point you can just sit back and wait to accept the bookings.

What does it take to list with us?

Having your services listed with us is completely FREE.

How does reservation / booking occur?

Upon reservation consumer pays a deposit or the entirety of the trip. Right away you get a notification of the reserved trip. At this point we will provide the consumer wit you contact details for any questions that they may have.

When do I get paid?

We will wire you the money within 24-hours of the trip taking place.

How do I cancel my listing?

In order to cancel listing with us, send us a request over the e-mail. We will disable your account within 24-48 hours. While you might still have bookings, we will keep your listing, but it won’t bookable. If you still have upcoming trips booked in the system, you profile will be available for viewing until the last trip takes place. Within 24 hours of the last trip, you profile won’t appear in search results.


Do I need a fishing license?

All poles, bait, tackle, licenses, permits and life jackets provided!

Where do you launch from?

We go where the fish are biting, so our launch points can be flexible, however we want to also be as convenient for you as possible. When you book, you can note your exact location and we will be sure to confirm the closest launch point. Each City or vacation area has launch points that our guides use. We will move launch points to make them as convenient as possible!

How do I pay for my trip?

When you book we take either credit card /paypal information in our secure payment system. We authorize your card 7 days before the trip to ensure fund availability. We accept all major credit cards but do not accept cash or checks. This is to ensure all parties are fairly charged and paid without any surprises.

Should I bring my own beverages/alcohol and snacks?

Once your trip is booked you can connect with the outfitter to confirm all the details and have all your questions answered directly. Food/drinks on board are left to the discretion of the individual captain; many will not allow hard liquor for safety purposes.

What items are prohibited?

For the safety of you and your captain, the following items are prohibited: Bananas (curse of the sea) Spray sunscreen Hard liquor (usually, you can always ask your captain as well)

Can I book over the phone?

Yes, if you prefer to speak with someone, please call us 1-844-977-3474.

Should I tip my guide?

Yes, if you enjoyed your guide, we encourage the tips; especially if they assist with filleting some of your catches. Also, don’t forget to leave reviews, photos and testimonials to share your great experience!

What if the weather isn’t good that day?

Bad weather is inevitable anywhere, it happens! If bad weather prevents your trip from happening, we will first try to re-schedule. If your trip is cut short, we will give you a voucher for money off your next trip.

What is your cancellation policy?

Each outfitter sets their own cancellation policy, before booking the trip you will be prompted to read the cancellation policy of the trip you are about to book to avoid surprises and inconvenient situations. Sign up today and get more anglers to choose your destination! We surely make it our priority to help you optimize your businesses with our bonus packages so that you can dedicate more time in the water creating memories for anglers.